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Labor Labor Relations, Ep. 69—Karen Anderson on AB5, the havoc wreaked on California's gig economy & AB5's scandal-plagued union author

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Truckers gather outside Long Beach, L.A. ports to protest AB5 | KTLA
Image: KTLA.com

As a returning guest to Labor Relations Radio, Karen Anderson is a California-based freelance writers and founder of Freelancers Against AB5, a facebook group with more than 18,000 freelancers.

As a leader in the fight against AB5 and its ‘ABC Test,’ Ms. Anderson has catalogued the devastation California’s law has had on hundreds of professions harmed by AB5.

Recently, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ‘scathing rebuke’ of AB5’s author, Lorena Gonzales who is now a powerful union leader in California and is also facing a separate scandal, along with her husband.

In this episode of Labor Relations Radio, Ms. Anderson provides some context around the ‘ABC Test‘ in AB5, Ms. Gonzales’ rebuke by the 9th Circuit, as well as how it relates to Julie Su (President Biden’s current nominee to succeed Labor Secretary Marty Walsh) and the gig economy nationwide.


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