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Labor Relation Radio, E74—Economist Jon Morrow on Declining Birth Rates, the Advent of AI, the State of the Economy and Culture

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Episode summary: In this episode of Labor Relations Radio, Jon Morrow, a free-market economist who has consulted with a variety of organizations—including the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Economic Innovation Group and others—discusses a wide variety of economic topics such as the falling birthrates, AI, the debt-financed economy, fiat currencies, as well as cultural and political obstacles to lower energy costs and general prosperity.

Background: For decades, a shift in demographics has been occurring across much of the Western World as the “baby boom” generation retires and successor generations have fewer and fewer children.

These inverse population pyramids threaten to bring national economies to a halt and, according to one geopolitical analyst, will cause the global economy to collapse.


“Such declines will soon shock our economic infrastructure and lead to deteriorations in living standards,” noted Fast Company in 2021.


Is the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) a possible solution, or will AI be the trigger to a calamitous future, including an economic recession or even a depression?

Listen to this episode and draw your own conclusions.

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