Apr 25 • 55M

Labor Relations Radio, E70—Guest Kim Kavin on her Congressional Testimony on the "War On Independent Contractors"

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Kim Kavin, is a freelance writer and editor from New Jersey and co-founder of Fight For Freelancers USA returns to Labor Relations Radio to share her insights after testifying in Congress about President Biden’s “War on Independent Contractors”

During the hearing, Ms. Kavin testified about the need to protect independent contractors across the United States from proposed restrictions on the choice of self-employment. She warned about potential negative effects of federal legislation and regulations, modeled after California’s disastrous Assembly Bill 5, that redefine who is an independent contractor and who is an employee.

[Watch the whole hearing here.]

  • Watch: Ms. Kavin’s opening statement to the Congressional subcommittee here.

  • Watch: Rep. Bobby Scott doesn’t know what’s in his own bill.

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