Mar 21, 2022 • 56M

Labor Relations Radio, Ep 11—Guest: Joe Perpiglia, ABC President of Eastern PA talks about union RCOs, sabotage and more...

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Graffiti at a non-union contractor’s job site in Philadelphia, Source: Joe Perpiglia, Associated Builders & Contractors

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Unions are trying to pass ordinances in cities and towns nationwide to exclude non-union employers and their employees from doing public works.

They’re called Responsible Contractor Ordinances (RCOs) and, while this is happening across the country, eastern Pennsylvania is one of the current battle grounds.

“The controversial part of the ordinance requires contractors to have an apprenticeship program in place for employees for at least five years,” notes Allentown’s Morning Call.

“Contractors bidding on projects over that $200,000 threshold will have to offer apprenticeship programs conforming to U.S. Department of Labor standards,” the Morning Call explains. “The class A apprentices must be fully employed by a company and given on-the-job classroom and lab training, as well as mentorships.”

Joe Perpiglia is the President and CEO of the Associated Builders and Contractors’ (ABC) Eastern Pennsylvania chapter—a construction association that provides its members networking, education, political advocacy, and service opportunities.

In this episode of Labor Relations Radio, host Peter List and Mr. Perpiglia discuss a number of issues affecting the construction industry in an around the Philadelphia market, including union sabotage, corruption, as well as the union efforts to eliminate non-union competition.

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Damage of non-union contractor’s equipment in Philadelphia, Source: Joe Perpiglia, Associated Builders & Contractors

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