Apr 15, 2022 • 1HR 3M

Labor Relations Radio, Ep. 18: Guest—The 'Master of Workplace Schadenfreude,' Attorney Jon Hyman on why 'anti-union doesn't mean anti-worker'

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Attorney Jon Hyman is one of the most well-known and prolific employee and labor law writers on the internet.

As a shareholder and director at Wickens Herzer Panza, in Avon, Ohio, Jon is the Practice Group Leader of the firm's Employment & Labor Practice Group, and a member of the Firm's Litigation Department.

However, on the internet, and with a following of nearly 16,000 followers on LinkedIn, Jon’s posts reach thousands of human resources professionals throughout the nation as he often shares entertaining and thoughtful insights for HR practitioners.

Two of Jon’s recent posts (“Why I’m anti-union” and “‘Salting’ the wounds of labor organizing”) drew a lot of comments on LinkedIn.

In this episode of Labor Relations Radio, Jon discusses his two posts, as well as the NLRB General Council’s Cemex brief as it relates to card check, so-called “captive audience” meetings, and what the future holds.

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