May 11 • 14M

Labor Relations Radio, E73—Congressman Kevin Kiley (R-CA) talks about the ongoing 'War on Independent Contractors'

From California's AB5 and the 'ABC Test' to the Department of Labor's proposed Six-Part Rule on independent contractors, Congress Kiley breaks down the differences and similarities.

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Rep. Kevin Kiley (R-CA) | Image: KQED

Congressman Kevin Kiley (R-CA) has become one of the nation’s leading defenders of independent contractors’ right to earn a living.

Recently, Representative Kiley chaired a subcommittee hearing to defend the rights of 60-70 million Americans who earn incomes as independent contractors.

During that hearing, prior Labor Relations Radio guests Karen Andersen and Kim Kavin testified, as did the Mercatus Center’s Dr. Liya Palagashvili on the ‘War on Independent Contractors.’

In this episode of Labor Relations Radio, Congressman Kiley was able to discuss some of the issues surrounding California’s AB5, the ‘ABC Test,’ as well as Department of Labor’s proposed six-part test on independent contractors.


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