Mar 31, 2022 • 1HR 12M

Labor Relations Radio, Ep 13—Guest: Michael Layman of the International Franchise Association

From the ‘ABC Test’ to ‘Joint Employer,’ the franchise business model is under assault on multiple fronts, with millions of jobs at stake.

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Source: Bruce Marlin | Wiki Commons

The franchise business model has become a key way for many Americans and immigrants to achieve the “American Dream.”

However, it is under attack on multiple fronts.

Just as tens of thousands of franchisors and franchisees and their millions of employees are beginning to recover from the pandemic, politicians, government bureaucrats and judicial activists are wittingly (or unwittingly) trying to destroy the very business model that has delivered the American Dream to so many.

In this episode of Labor Relations Radio, Michael Layman, Senior Vice President Government Relations & Public Affairs of the International Franchise Association explains some of the threats the industry is now facing—largely from politicians, judicial activists and, possibly, President Biden’s appointees like David Weil.

Whether it’s the Joint Employer issue, or the Independent Contractor issue—either independently or as contained in the PRO Act—if enacted, these ‘close cousins’ could be devastating to the franchise business model and the millions of workers employed by franchises.

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This episode of Labor Relations Radio was recorded hours before the U.S. Senate was to vote on the nomination of David Weil to be Administrator of the Labor Department's Wage and Hour Division.

Apparently, his nomination was blocked Wednesday evening.

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